Much Ado About Nothing

I finally seasoned my cast iron skillet.  Let me just say that I love it!!  We got a  15 inch and it’s huge and heavy!  I’m learning my way around it as I strive to use it and clean it properly.  Since I’m cooking larger portions, it’s definitely convenient to have more room in the pan.  There are definitely hotter spots in the pan because it’s too big for my burner.  However, it does the job well and we’re thoroughly enjoying it.  This was breakfast for the boys..

IMG_2555Boo is eating 8 over easy eggs for breakfast so I still make multiple batches.  Right now he’s going through a “runny egg” kick.  We’ve gone through different “kicks” for breakfast.  So far we’ve done: scrambled eggs, squash bars, squash pancakes, “noatmeal,” and now runny eggs.

I must say that in the past month and a half, I’ve had eggs for breakfast pretty much every day.  I would have expected to start getting sick of them but I’m still going strong.  I love that my blood sugar is more stable when I don’t have a sweet breakfast.  And eggs are just incredibly satisfying.  This was my breakfast.

IMG_2557It’s four scrambled eggs with onions and mushrooms, white cheddar cheese, spinach, tomatoes, and half an avocado.  All I can say is, “yum!”  I guess you could say we’re still pretty obsessed with food.  Even the Hubs was googling GAPs recipes yesterday.

We had beef liver and onions yesterday.  It’s the first time we’ve had it on GAPs.  Pre-GAPs, I’d have to eat a lot of rice with it in order to get it down.  I used this recipe and substituted prosciutto for bacon.  I guess my taste buds are changing because it was really good.  Unfortunately the older two boys couldn’t choke it down.  I guess I’ll have to sneak liver into their meatballs, etc.  Baby Face on the other hand loved it!

IMG_2558     IMG_2561I pureed liver with some broth and he inhaled it.  This to me was the true test that his gut is in better health than the rest of us.  He also begs for tastes of our smoothies.  Whenever he sees a purple or green drink around, he gets his “fuss” on.  I’m sure he’d drink it straight from the bottle if we let him.

We have basically transitioned everyone to full GAPs with a few modifications.  The boys haven’t juiced yet.  Boo’s not interested and Munch had diarrhea after his first day of juice.  We also aren’t giving them any fruit, nuts and very little honey.  They’re also eating raw veggies although I’m trying to limit the high sugared ones.  Everyone being on the same stage opens the door for me to be more creative with dinners since everyone can eat roasted and fried food.  We might revisit Intro down the road when I have more of a handle on things.  However, people keep saying that if you don’t need to stay at a stage, move on.  Other than the juice incident, the boys have done very well.  We’re growing and learning more each day.

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