A Thankful Affair

Last week my younger brother was visiting.  We had such a wonderful time just being together.  We didn’t do much but the fellowship was wonderful and refreshing.  Since we all have separate plans for the holidays, my mom wanted us to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas together as a family and have a meal together.  She made food for the non-Gapsters and I made food for my little crew.  This is what we ate….

IMG_3427The coconut flour bread stuffing started with three loaves of coconut flour bread dehydrated.  I used this recipe for the bread and modified this recipe for the stuffing.  It was a little heavier and dryer than normal stuffing but it was delicious!!

IMG_3438Then I made a butternut squash recipe using this recipe (without the marshmallows).  It was so decadent, it was like a dessert to us.

IMG_3439I also made mashed faux-tatoes using pureed cauliflower.

IMG_3442With gravy of course.  Actually everyone ate this gravy.

IMG_3443This was the spread.  I find it hysterical that every time we always forget to set the table ahead of time.  So while we’re scrambling trying to get the turkey cut and the gravy made, the guys are getting drinks and trying to set the table.  Everyone’s bumping into each other and frantic.  It’s quite humorous.  And don’t forget the whining kids because “it’s taking too long.”

IMG_3448For dessert I made a “pumpkin” pie using butternut squash.  I just threw together some ingredients using yogurt instead of cream, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, eggs, and honey.  The boys loved it!  They also put a slice in it when I ran to get the camera, hence the random cut in the middle of the pie.

IMG_3428   Here are a couple of pics of the gang…

IMG_3449And let’s not forget the kids…

IMG_3450       IMG_3451As we were reflecting, we all felt like we have so much to be thankful for this year.  God has been so incredibly good to my family and we are all very thankful.  I pray that thankfulness just embodies who I am as a person.  I pray that I won’t forget everything my Savior has done for me.  I pray that I will focus on all that I have instead of what I don’t have.  This was a very good day indeed.


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